5 Important Tips To Know Before Laser Hair Removal

5 Important Tips To Know Before Laser Hair Removal

Surprisingly, the entire human body is covered by hair. Most of the hair is not visible to the naked eye which makes it seem pretty normal. However, when the hair becomes visible to the naked eye in body areas like the tummy, back for men or on the face for women. It tends to make the individual feel uncomfortable. No need to worry much, if it appears then consider removal using laser technology. This is what laser hair removal serves.

No more razors! Laser hair removal completely eliminates the need to use sharp razors on the skin. Some laser devices are equipped in such a way that it sprays a coolant on the skin before and after the laser pulse has been emitted. What the pulse basically does is it stops the inner layer of skin from producing hair depending on what you choose whether you want a permanent removal or not.

There Has To Be Some Hair!

Laser hair removal services delivers some energy to the hair follicle under the patient’s skin. The pigments then absorb the energy to destroy the follicle and terminate it from further hair growth. For this reason, that is why it is a good idea to stop using any hair cream or waxing for about six weeks prior to your first treatment. The success of the treatment depends on the intactness of the hair follicle. However, you can shave prior to the treatment. This does not affect the inner hair follicle. It may even make the overall experience less painful.

The Laser Technology

Lasers are of different types just as the skin is of different types and texture. A good practitioner can diagnose your skin correctly and suggest the best call to action. There are amazing devices that can highly minimize pain like the patented Dynamic Cooling DeviceTM (DCDTM). Be sure to check out with the practitioner for the best available options. If you have a darker skin, you might have an alternative treatment because the hair can be a curly one which can also be treated using lasers. The key is in finding the right place for treatment.

5 Important Tips To Know Before Laser Hair Removal

Treatment Span

The hair on the human body grows in cycles. This is why a patient might have to undergo several treatment sessions. In general, a person might require eight to ten treatments within a time span of about six to eight weeks. That is around two months.

In the case of a hormonal imbalance, a patient might have to undergo up to or more than fifteen sessions depending on the patient’s skin type and area of treatment.

Root Cause Of Excessive Hair Growth

There can be a number of reasons why an individual might be having an excessive hair growth. Some of the common cause includes hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance, heredity and thyroid problems. Moreover, reactions to certain medications can be a cause as well. Therefore, a proper diagnosis is essential in getting the right treatment and healing the root cause.

No Tanning

The skin is sensitive which means that it is capable of causing irritation. Tanning right before treatment is not a good thing to do. It may lead to a potential skin discoloration and lead to an overall less effective result. Tanning should be avoided. This includes the usage of tan sprays also and all tanning creams to reduce to possibility of a skin irritation.

Bottomline, it is important to stick to the treatment schedules as best as possible and to undergo a proper diagnosis before proceeding with any laser hair removal treatment.