Cocoa Butter: A Major Source Of Essential Nutrients

Cocoa Butter: A Major Source Of Essential Nutrients

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Cocoa butter is known for its richness in essential nutrients that enhance the body functions. It is extracted from cocoa beans which are connate to South Central America where they beans are produced in abundance. It is technically referred to as theobroma. It is highly rich in healthy fat and oil. It tastes faint and smells a lot like chocolate.

It can be likened to shea butters and coconut oils which are great source of fatty acid. For its richness in nutrients, cocoa butter is used in making skin care products such as beauty ointments, lip balms and glosses, chapsticks, skin moisturizers, viz.

Other than commercial beauty products, it constitutes the main component of antioxidant food items for the fact that it contains a substantial sum of polyphenol and other similar substances like flavonoids which cures inflammation and improves the function of the heart.

Most people sort of not like it for its saturated fat content. But cocoa butter is healthy for consumption and use in cosmetics and beauty ointments. Compared to the sources of unsaturated fat, its maximum fat content falls within the range of fifty five to sixty percents. It comes in several types and for each type the amount of fat content (fatty acids) is factored by the acid type:

Stearic acid: the amount of fat present in a cocoa butter type that contains stearic acid ranges from twenty four percents to thirty five percents which is fair enough as much as the right amount is consumed.

Palmitic acid: the amount of palmitic acid found in cocoa butter is about twenty four percents to thirty percents. Not bad at all!

Myristic acid: In some cocoa butter types containing myristic acid, the amount of fatty acid present is pretty small. For the most part, it is usually zero to four percents.

Arachidic acid: for cocoa butter types containing Arachidic acid, the fat content is one percent.

Lauric acid: the percentage of lauric acid present in cocoa butter is zero to one percent.

Note: Two or more or all of the afore listed fatty acids may be found in a type thus increasing the fatty content of cocoa butter in the raw state. The content of those acids will reduce tremendously after the butter is heated. When used in manufacturing a product, the heat exerted is reduced so that it does lose its potency.

Benefits of cocoa butter

  • It moisturizes the skin, reduce dryness and keeps the body hydrated.
  • It fights oxidizing agents which are harmful to the human body.
  • It is a natural regimen for body pain, strains and injuries.
  • It reduces inflammation and other similar ailments.
  • it reduces skin irritation, aging and other skin disorders.
  • It improves heart beat rate.
  • Mixed with other essential oils, it commands a lot more medicinal values.
  • It serves as treatment for chapped dry lips.
  • It is an effective remedy for rashes, burns and infections.
  • it is used for treating mouth sores.
  • It serves as shaving cream.
  • It boosts the immune system.
  • It is also great for treating stretch marks.