Does Vaniqa Hair Removal Cream Really Work?

Does Vaniqa Hair Removal Cream Really Work?

Vaniqa is one of the best brands of hair removal creams that you can buy on the market today. In fact, it is Nair’s number one competitor. If you are interested in using Vaniqa to get rid of that excessive facial hair, here are some facts and everything you need about using Vaniqa Hair Removal Cream for your face.

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What is Vaniqa? How does it work?

Vaniqa is the brand of a facial hair removal cream made from eflornithine. It is one of the first topical drugs formulated to remove hair especially around the face and chin. It is specially made for use with women alone and should be only used on the face and chin. It is not made to get rid of hair completely but just to slow down the hair growth.

Eflornithine, or Vaniqa’s main ingredient, works by blocking the production of a certain enzyme called ornithine decarboxylase or ODC. Your skin needs the ODC enzyme to produce new hair cells. They use the ODC enzymes to produce the polyamines that makes your cells grow rapidly. Your skin wont be able to produce new cells without the enzyme. The Vaniqa cream helps block these ODC enymes, effectively slowing down the growth of new hair strands.

The said cream was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in July 2000, making it one of the first-approved drugs to use for hair removal of the face and chin.

How can you be sure that it really works?

Several studies were conducted to prove that Vaniqa really works. In fact, more than 600 people participated in the said study by using the eflornithine cream to get rid of facial hair. The participants applied Vaniqa twice a day for the whole course of 24 weeks.

The end of the test period shows promising results. 70% of the people applying eflornithine cream actually showed signs of hair reductions compared to the 41% of people using the placebo version.

Where to buy genuine Vaniqa?

Truly, Vaniqa is a very promising cream that promises you of great results. However, you must be careful of what is sold in stores as some may sell counterfeited ones. For the best and most genuine Vaniqas, buy here at UK Meds. Enjoy the convenience of shopping for medicines online at have it delivered at your footsteps immediately the next day after ordering.