Personal injury doctors that care

Personal injury doctors that care

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The most vital decision in a personal injury case is picking the doctors. It is as vital, if not more vital, than the right lawyer. The reason is that your personal injury case will die and live on many factors. If not the most vital, then the second most vital factor, is picking the best doctors. The 3rd most vital factor is picking the best lawyer.

After an accident or an injury the victim at the point is not the legal client of any injury attorney. They are, anyway, a patient of a doctor. The initial doctor will check the patient and document the injuries which the patient has at that time. It is very vital to suggest the doctor of every pain and ache you are feeling from the accident. Do not hold back and do not be brave. Things that problem just little after an accident can become chronic problems and need surgery. If you do not say anything at the time of accident the other party is going to say you are faking it. So tell your Wisconsin Medical Group.

Treatment quickly after the accident

The records and treatments linked with the accident can be an important part of a case. These records can help establish the link between the injuries and accident that the victim suffered. Treating doctors generally have much more credibility than hired medical experts who are sometimes perceived by juries and judges as being monetarily incentivized to give the opinion that they are being paid for.

If the personal injury victim does not seek medical treatment quickly after the accident or only does so after getting such advice from an attorney, the jury may find it more hard to link the accident and injuries combine. Additionally, the defense may attempt to fight that the victim had a pre-existing injury and this was the cause for the medical focus.


The medical records are generally an important piece of proof in a personal injury case. As such, it is vital that the medical records contain through detail regarding the victims accident, treatment and injuries. For example, the record should indicate that the patient commenced treatment after being involved in a car accident. Clearly establishing the connection between the accident and injuries can bolster a claim for the settlement with the insurance firm.


Unluckily,  some doctors develop reputations of being linked with personal injuries and certain personal injury law firms. When the only medical records derive from one of these practices, the testimony and records may not appear credible. It can also emerge to be arranged by the personal injury law firm. In the case of litigation, such doctors often all apart during a powerful cross-examination. Instead, it is excellent to use a doctor who has an established positive status in the community.


Not all medical records are rightly scribed and have all the relevant detail. Anyway, a personal injury attorney can talk the records and treatments with the doctor, provided that the customer provides the right permission for such contact. This is especially supportive when the medical records have lost information when a doctors words have not been transcribed by a medical assistant or nurse.