Get to Know How to Identify Cannabis Sativa

Get to Know How to Identify Cannabis Sativa

Newbies to medical marijuana world can find it overwhelming as they walk in the dispensary and see an array of products displayed under strange names like Cherry AK or Train wreck or Amnesia Haze or Sour D. Remember, just like wine there are different cannabis blend and flavor to select from. There are three key cannabis categories –

  1. Cannabis-sativa
  2. Cannabis-Indica
  3. Hybrid

Every strange name you encounter fall under these categories. Indica and sativa terminology helps to indicate the growth conditions and physical qualities of a specific strain. Majority of marijuana strains fall technically under hybrid category, which means crossbreeding of both cannabis-sativa and indica.

What is cannabis-sativa?

It belongs to hemp [Cannabaceae] species that has narrow leaves and grows tall. This strain is used, when people wish to be physically active, creative, and social. It works mainly on high nerve centers generating revitalizing intoxication [at times with hallucinations]. Your temperament will influence its effect. It is less damaging than alcohol or tobacco.

For medical purpose, use this strain during day time, so as to treat –

  • Mood disorders
  • Depression
  • ADD

Historically, cannabis-sativa is harvested for its oils, seeds, and fibers. It is employed for industrial, nutritional, and medicinal purposes. Mystics and sages used it extensively to interact with nature’s powerful forces.

How to identify cannabis-sativa?

It can be identified by looks, smell, feel, and see.

Look at the buds

Female flowers are very long, lankier, fluffier and feathery than Indica buds. Unlike chinky and tight Indica buds, cannabis-sativa flowers are unattached and stretched out. It is also referred to as ‘Grinch Fingers’. The female flowers start to develop at points where leave pairs grow from nodes instead of grouping around nodes. This flower formation is because of sativa’s propensity to grow and flower, at the same time. Therefore, the female flowers are less in weight and density than its counterparts. Indica flowers group around nodes as the plant stops its growth the moment it reaches flowering period. So indica buds are small and dense than light and spindly cannabis-sativa flowers.

Smell the aroma

Cannabis-sativa has large amount of terpinolene, myrcene, and other monoterpenes, which delivers a floral, delicate smell. Some strains can be pungent but their overall aromas range from sweet and fruity to earthy. These strains offer similar effect but aromas make them distinct. It is referred to as ‘terpenes profile’.

See its growth

Cannabis-sativa is tall plant with light green shade having purple tinge. Leaves are narrow blades and its foliage looks scattered allowing air to flow around smoothly. It grows without fungus risk in tropical, humid conditions.  It is better for outdoor cultivation as it is capable to grow as high as 20 ft. Once it starts flowering, its height proliferates. During this time, they shoot up 200% to 300%.

Feel its effects

The budtender will say that the cannabis-sativa strain effects including death bubba strain is –

  • Uplifting
  • Invigorating
  • Cerebral
  • High
  • Clear-headed
  • Energizing
  • Similar to coffee

The THC and CBD concentrates differ substantially from one Cannabis-sativa strain to another but when compared to indica the THC level in the latter is higher. Experiment to locate your preferred cannabis-sativa strain!