Full-Body Massage – What to Expect

Full-Body Massage – What to Expect

In case of full-body massage, the therapist will provide therapeutic massage for the entire body. Typically, sessions may last at least for 50 minutes that allows sufficient time to work on all over the major portions of your body like your shoulders, back, arms, hands, legs, feet and neck.

What to expect

You browse through the site https://www.handandstonecherrycreek.com/ to find complete details about this type of massage. The session will start with the client completely disrobing or wearing only their undergarments and will lie face-down on the padded table under the sheet.

The therapist usually starts with the shoulder and back before moving down your body. After the client has been mid-way through their session time, the therapist will work backwards and will end with shoulders and neck and sometimes it can be scalp too.

A pectoral massage may also be provided especially to men.

If an area is problematic and needs extra attention, for e.g. a tight shoulders or sore back, then the therapist will spend more time focusing on those problematic spots but may be compensated by spending less time on other areas of your body.

To make sure that you get full treatment on every body part, and also focus on specific problems, one must make an appointment to have longer session time.

Types of massage

Various spas can provide a full-body massage of wide varieties of specialized formats. One of the popular one is called Swedish massage that focuses on warming of the muscle tissue for releasing tension and also breaking up the muscle “knots.”

Deep tissue massage can mimic many of the movements like Swedish massage with higher intensity pressure. Hot stone massage will use heated rocks placed on the body for relaxing tight muscles and will allow the therapist releasing pressure points.

Few treatments e.g. shiatsu, the therapist will use his feet and may stand on top of the body of the client to release stress from the back.


Before 1880s, nobody had heard about full-body massage and its origin came from the notorious rest cure meant for “neurasthenia,”. This is a debilitating feeling of pensive sadness which was common among the society ladies during late 19th century.

Full-body massage was provided for circulation and for increasing the appetite of the patient, which is a substitute for exercising during bed rest period.

Eventually the rest cure may become unpopular but the general massage became more popular during early 1900s and considered as part of a good health.

By 1960s, however, all those old-fashioned terms e.g. massage parlors or masseuse/full-body massage came into disrepute, which were used as code words meant for prostitution.

Due to that reason, various terms like massage therapist or massage therapy and Swedish massage started replacing the previous terms to refer to massage and for therapists who practice this therapy.

Spas to avoid

Plenty of bogus “spas” which operate with those old massage parlors is present in the USA. They will have signs, which say Asian massage, full-body massage or full-body Asian massage. These indicate that they can offer illegal sexual activity during the session.

However, you cannot expect any sexual contact if you ask for such Full-Body Massage at any legitimate spa.