What Are Various Carrier Options for Pneumatic Tube Systems?

What Are Various Carrier Options for Pneumatic Tube Systems?

Pneumatic tube-based carriers are increasingly adopted by companies all over the world to achieve secure, trusted transport quickly and easily. These carriers are known to transport a wide range of items that includes lab specimens, pharmaceuticals, IVs, supplies, documents, and other materials within the building or between two buildings effortlessly and securely.

The durable, solid, and colorful pneumatic tube-based system carriers safeguard contents at each phase during their transportation. Their side-open design makes them quite simple to load as well as unload the items. In this article, we will go through the specifications, features and available options for pneumatic tube-based carrier systems.

Features of carrier

Pneumatic tube carriers are available in three different types of carrier designs to choose from. Based on the transit requirements, all these types of carrier systems can easily be mixed and matched in your pneumatic tube system:

  • You can be assured of safe, and trusted transport with the universal carrier that is developed to bear the robust conditions. This carrier fits in all the pneumatic tube-based systems.
  • Longer life
  • 1-step closure system for vertical storage
  • Achieve sealed delivery instantly with its easy to use carrier.
  • Full perimeter seal
  • Leak-proof carriers that locks liquids and prevent accidental spills and spreading of pathogens at the time of transport.
  • For containment of material
  • Complete access to payload
  • Wide glide rings that offer smoother transport
  • Transparent body for inspection of item

Carrier body options

There are different types of choices available in regards to the carrier body of the pneumatic transport systems. These are:

  • Color body: Pneumatic tube-based systems are available in five color options that provides easy recognition of departments
  • Half-color body helps to easily see contents and provide a color ID
  • RFID tags provide traceability and tracking of transactions

Carrier and storage accessories

A pneumatic storage and carrier accessories contain various type of items that are mentioned below as:

  • Carrier storage module that stores carriers at transaction stations that have high-volume
  • Zip and fold pouches offer maximum safety against spills
  • Carrier liners offer support and cushions payloads at the time of transport
  • Whisper receiving system reduces the noise of carriers
  • Cleanout kits help in eliminating spilled liquids
  • Station access door helps in controlling access mainly at recessed stations

Carrier storage

Carrier storage is developed in convenient storage designed for carriers that wait for pickup. This carrier storage unit accumulates up to thirty-nine four inches carriers or sixteen six-inches carriers. Soft walls help in reducing noise, and the entire unit is made to be flush-mounted that needs no additional flooring space.


  • Closing Type is Flap-Style
  • Outside Diameter is about four inches
  • The payload is 2 ¾ inches I.D. * 10 7/8 inches in length
  • Drive Rings are made using Velcro material
  • Weight is around 1.1 lbs.


Pneumatic tube systems are highly efficient systems are designed to meet the speed related demands of transportation of materials between two destinations. Hope this above information will help you find the best carrier option for your requirement.