Questions Newbies Want to Ask About Calling an Escort

Questions Newbies Want to Ask About Calling an Escort

Lot of newbies are interested in specific questions, so they can get the custom right when a call is made to hire an escort. As a newbie they want to know the protocols of making phone conversation with an escort.

  • Some escorts are not available on short notice. Clients contact them in advance and never demand for an answer instantly.
  • A few appreciate phone calls as it is an instant way to set a meeting.
  • There is another category that prefer email services and after checking their calendar she figures the day and time that can work for both, give reply by text and receive confirmation about time, day and location.

Some questions that newbies are interested to find out are –

How to introduce myself?

In the same way, you introduce others. For example – ‘Hi Joanne, I’m Alexander Rustin. I saw your website or ad and would like to spend a time with you today/tomorrow, next week or on Thursday’.

This can lead to booking an appointment directly without getting awkward on the phone. Those gawky silences can be terrible. Say hello, introduce and tell her where and when you wish to meet. She will accept or ask for an alternative time or day.

What are the limitations for asking and not asking?

Before you even contact the girl, whose photo you saw on the LOveSita website and got interested there are somethings to checkout prior calling her. As you are hiring from an escort agency, the girl you plan to meet is a legit because they are hired after a strict background check for drug use. Her rates will be mentioned in her profile.

Never ask her upfront because she may think you are trying to negotiate price. If prices are not listed than you got a good reason to ask her rates.

What can be asked…….?

  • Date, time and venue
  • Activities or services offered [If she says NO to your special request then move to another one. Remember, escorts have their limitations and they never cross them even for money]

Communication and consent are very important. Ask what you desire and check to ensure she is on the same page during an encounter. It will not break anyone’s mood.

How to ask about donation amount?

Rates will be posted on her profile. If not then ask her carefully like, ‘What to put in an envelope for you?’ In general, escorts prefer money in a white envelop placed in a visible location. You can even write her name she will feel nice.

How to ask about where to meet – in call or outcall?

Usually, clients are well-aware of where they desire to meet. However, some escorts only do incalls while a few prefer only outcalls. There are several who accept both. This information will be available on her profile. If it is not provided then decide on the basis of what you prefer.

  • Outcall – In an outcall the time starts from the moment she meets you, at the bar or hotel lobby. So, if you chat over drinks for some time then prepare for a quickie upstairs or request if you can pay extra for more time.
  • In call – If she hosts then ask her location. She will just give you information of a general area and ask you to call back the moment you get there. Now, she will give an exact address to her location.

You will also be asked about references like employment verification or check your mobile number. It differs but necessary for her protection and safety.