Things You Must Know Before Undergoing Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Things You Must Know Before Undergoing Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Undergoing a weight loss bariatric surgery can change your entire lifestyle. It can cause a significant change in the way you live and also boost your self-confidence. Taking the decision to undergo surgery is a big decision in one’s life. Hence, before undergoing the surgery, you must ensure that you are completely aware of the pros and the cons of the surgery and about all the aspects related to it.

You must be aware of all the changes it would bring out in your body and your life as a whole.

Your expectations

You can expect to lose about 50% to 80% of your excess weight after undergoing this surgery. Excess weight is the weight brine by a person over the normal and calculated weight of an individual.

If you stick with an exercise plan after undergoing the surgery and make sure that you remain regular in it, you will be surely able to maintain that weight and further live a fit and a healthy lifestyle.


The cost of the surgery is a major area of concern for many people. The average price of the surgery is around $20,000. It may vary in different states and there might be a little up or down in the range. You can get an insurance policy that supports your claim to bariatric surgery if you think that the cost is too much to be borne by you.


Finding the right surgeon for the job is the most important task. Here, you must take a note of the well-experienced and known surgeons in the regions and take their help to consult about the surgery and how you are supposed to undergo it.

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Recovery time

You might be able to return to your daily routine life after two to three weeks of undergoing the surgery. After four to six weeks you can also resume any strenuous work done by you.

You must start exercising on a daily basis after undergoing surgery to make sure that you maintain your weight balance and live a fit and a healthy life ahead. You must follow certain restriction on the type of food that your intake after the surgery for a few weeks. Only fluid food is allowed till two to three weeks after the surgery.


Hence, there are many aspects which are to be looked after and taken into consideration before undergoing the surgery. You must make sure that you research well and then make a calculated move only after you are well aware of all the details of the procedure and how you are supposed to go about it.