Cannabidiol Gummies 101

Cannabidiol Gummies 101

Cannabidiol is the most sought-after compound extracted from cannabis and hemp. It has miraculous medicinal and therapeutic effects. There has been variety of interesting methods, devised for the intake of this compound. One of them is through cannabidiol infused edibles.

It’s been a blessed childhood, if we had the opportunity to suck on the yummy gummy bears from the candy store. The gummy bear invented by Hans Riegel, has made a foray into the cannabidiol industry. You can treat yourself on CBD infused gummy bears, of multiple delectable flavours.

What are these gummies?

Cannabidiol gummies are an excellent and delicious way, to make it part of your healthy lifestyle. They help in countering anxiety, depression, stress disorders and chronic pain. It is an excellent alternative to cannabidiol oil.

They are made from fruit flavours, sugar, citric acid and prescribed amount of cannabidiol. The prescribed amount varies from 5mg to 20mg. Fruit flavours could be natural or artificial. Gummies use either gelatine or pectin for their “gumminess”. Use pectin for vegan option.

The cannabidiol extracted from marijuana has high doses of THC in it. But gummies are made from industrial hemp. Mostly, hemp clones are used for future harvest, to assure minimum or zero levels of THC in their extracts. Cannabidiol from industrial hemp is absolutely non-psychoactive. It contains beneficial terpenes, CBG, CBN, CBD, Vitamins D, D3 and B12.

Benefits of gummies

Gummies are preferred over oil tinctures and other forms by most users. No one is going to stare at you or get shocked, if you pop a gummy bear into your mouth, either at the workplace or in the middle of the street.  The cannabidiol goes to your bloodstream through your alimentary canal and it takes a few hours to have the effect.

The most interesting benefit is that these gummies contain cannabidiol oil. This means, it has all the goodness the oil has to offer. Also, it does not leave a bitter taste, as is common while swallowing drops of oil. It can be made part of the daily vitamin intake schedule. Also, six months is the shelf life of these gummies.

Good quality gummies

Ever since the Farm Bill 2018 has been passed, there has been an increased influx of adulterated and substandard cannabidiol products. You will have to keep a checklist, while buying your batch of gummies. Opt for gummies, which has been made through the CO2 extraction process. This will have the least chemical residues.

There have been instances where, manufacturers use a heady mix of hexane and butane for extraction. So, avoid gummies with metal or solvent residues. The vendor must have a Certificate of Analysis (CoA), which implies that their products are tested and approved by a third-party laboratory. The gummies that you choose should have less than 0.3% THC, beyond which it comes under illegal marijuana.


Gummies with their flavourful functionality is a must-have health booster for you. It gives the minimum health risks. It helps you in immunity boost, pain relief, metabolic support and nutrient powerhouse. This is an organic option for increased mental clarity and energy.