Take Proper Care and Precaution after Removing Tattoo through Laser Treatment

Take Proper Care and Precaution after Removing Tattoo through Laser Treatment

It is quite common for people to go for tattoo removal as their choice and preferences keep changing. Every time with mood your choice changes. Changing tattoo frequently is possible when it is temporary ink. However, if it is permanent ink, then you have to undergo various methods to get rid of it completely. One such method is the laser process.

Laser tattoo removal process is quite easy and quick. There are many other procedures that are cheaper like, using cream or gel, but they can’t assure complete removal of tattoo. There is surgical method as well, but it is often seen that certain kind of infection, trauma or scar is left behind because of surgery. Hence, going for laser treatment is best as the laser beams concentrate only on the ink that has to be removed. It breaks the ink into small fragments until it clears completely.

However, every method has a line of treatment that requires proper care before and after the treatment. Similarly, laser procedure requires care before and after tattoo removal. They have to be followed diligently to see quick and good results.

  • Before
  • After


You should consult a professional and understand the line of treatment first. Don’t just enter any salon and get rid of your tattoo. If you’re under any medication, then let them know, because there are chances of you bleeding and if you’re diabetic, then the professional should know beforehand. Also, inform about your daily routine and activities so that they can adjust your appointments and restrict you from doing certain physical work. Rest and relaxation are the best remedy to cure the treated area quickly.


  • 24 Hours

You might feel some pain for next 24 hours. For such cases, you can ask your professional to prescribe any pain killer for relief. Don’t just take any pain killer, there can be certain side effects. Avoid putting water on the treated area but you can take bath with low pressure water. Use cold compress to get instant relief from pain and inflammation.

  • 3 Days

The professional will provide you with an ointment to heal the treated area faster. Apply that ointment on skin and cover it with sterile bandage. Bandage has to be changed every day to avoid infection. You can also clean with cold water and mild soap, but don’t rub it roughly with towel, simply dab it to dry.

  • 5 to 10 Days

Keep the treated are covered and avoid UV rays. Sun exposure should be avoided for at least 3 months. Massage the prescribed ointment daily which will help your skin to absorb those broken ink fragments and increase the fading of tattoo.

There can be certain side effects –

  • You might see blister on your skin that can spread infection if you pop them. Wait for 3 or 5 days and they will fade away slowly, but if the blisters persist, then contact your professional or a doctor.
  • Swelling is considered normal in the laser treatment, use cold compress or ice and gently apply on the affected area for few days.
  • Redness is due to pricking of the needle, but there shouldn’t be any bleeding. If you see bleeding in your dressing, then contact your clinic immediately.
  • Itchiness, dryness and infection are common when blisters start drying. Never scratch with nails as it can spread infection and cause severe trouble.

Generally, it is recommended to relax as much as possible. There isn’t any harm in avoiding your physical workout for few days. You don’t need to lie on bed, but avoid strenuous exercise that can increase the chances of bleeding.