Small Memphis Business Ideas with Low or No Investment

Small Memphis Business Ideas with Low or No Investment

In Tennessee, Memphis is the largest city offering good business opportunities because of its geographical location. It is situated on Mississippi River bank, intersects 5 major rail roads and 2 interstate highways. It is an affordable tourist destination including rich and eclectic music heritage. Music festivals and barbeque cooking contest get hosted in this home of blues.

If you desire to set business near or in Memphis, you will first need to choose an appropriate lucrative niche. Memphis business ideas with low capital are given below to get you started. Choose one that you are interested and passionate about.

Fitness center

Today, people are getting more aware about their health. If you are experienced then it is a good idea to start fitness center. Plan exercises for every member. It does not need any machine involvement. You can start with workout dance moves and hit the floor. People enjoy music and workouts. Hire a nutritionist to plan diet for gym members. Little investment is needed and if members are satisfied, you will be a success.

Repair or used appliance store

Everyone cannot buy new appliances. You can start used appliance shop because it has plenty of potential. If you are DIY fans then repairing broken appliances and selling them at a profit can be a good start.

Elder care

Old people need a lot of attention and assistance all the time. If you love to spend time with elderly then start a community house for elders or offer home services. In the latter, there is no need for investment.

Car wash service

For this business, you will need investment but potential to earn is great. Even if the region has many car washes, there is always an opportunity for you as no car owner desires to wait. People enter a garage with empty sot, spontaneously. If the best car wash services are offered, then you can build loyal customer base.

Carpet cleaning service

Carpets are found everywhere in homes, offices, hotels, and more. It adds beauty and warmth to a space but is hard to clean. Start carpet cleaning services with few skilled employees and necessary tools.


Blogging is a home business and does not need you to go out. Pick a niche and start to blog. Write interesting facts and how to contents, which engages readers. You can earn money writing travel blogs or review blog.

Travel agency

If you have a knack to handle things even on tight budget or find best deals then this is a great business idea. You need professional skills and connections. Today, people take help from professionals at travel agency to plan their vacation.

Pet supplies shop

Dogs and cats are owned by many pet lovers. If you too love pet then open a store, where buyers can everything from food to pet toys to name tags under a single roof.

Pet sitter & walker

Just like babysitting, many pet owners need someone to take care of their pets when they are away. There is no need for investment and you can earn good side income but make sure to research on how to in advance. Associating with pet-related business helps to serve customer’s pet better.