Ready For Casino – Make Sure You Fit The Dress Code!

Ready For Casino – Make Sure You Fit The Dress Code!

The casino is today’s one of the famous public places to visit. Generally, these are places where gambling games are played. Though every casino does not have a dress code, some of them expect you to dress in a certain way to respect the casino and other gamblers too. Just like the term, the dress code of casino varies from one to another. So, if you want to fit into the code and impress your co-gambler-

Choose the right attire

  1. Tie

 White tie

  • The white tie was famous back in 18th century but is now limited to state dinners, royal events, and prize ceremonies. However, if any casino of private function puts the same code, follow us.
  • Women just need to wear a floor-length evening gown with long gloves (white, optional), tiaras, clutch purses, and elegant jewellery.
  • However, men can opt for black tailcoat dress, white stud shirt with wing collars, stiff fronts and cuff links. A bow tie or white vest, grey or white gloves, black patent shoes as well as socks.

Black tie

  • Black tie has a tradition to be worn after 6 pm and gives you an overall semi-formal look.
  • Earlier women black tie dress included ankle or calf-length sleeveless dresses, wraps, gloves and, jewellery but now the only requirement is evening shoes.
  • Moreover, the following are the clothing options for women –

Any kind of dress from ball gown to cocktail or a pantsuit with a plazo-cut

  • On the other hand, men need to dress in –

White shirt, Black bow tie, Evening waistcoat or cummerbund, Dark dinner jacket and Black oxford style or patent shoes.

Black optional

  • It is the most preferred attire for wedding and reception. Women care to wear long evening gowns or cocktail dresses with appropriate hemline.
  • Whereas, men can go in dark suits, white shirts, conservative tie, socks, and leather shoes.

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  1. Formal or casual

There are different types of dresses in the count-


  • Women for the formal look can go with a short afternoon dress or cocktail dress, or a little black dress, or a long dressy skirt with a matching top or dressy separates.
  • Whereas, men can go for a dark business suit, vest, conservative shirt, tie, and leather shoe.

Semi-formal or Business formal

  • Women –

Suit or business-style dress, jacket, stocking, and heels

  • Men can simply go for business suits.


  • Casuals for women might include –

Long skirts, khakis, jeans, shorts (for warm climate), a solid plain t-shirt, polo shirt or turtleneck, button-down blouse

  • On the other hand, men can try hands-on –

Khaki, jeans, cargo or Bermuda shorts (in a warm climate), t-shirts the same as women, button-down shirts, loafers or sneakers

Business casual

  • Women –

Skirts, khakis, pants, collared shirts, knit shirts or sweaters (make sure the dress don’t show any cleavage), formal or cocktail dress with jacket.

  • Men –

Men can create the look with Seasonal sports blazer, slacks or khakis, dress shirt or button-down shirt, open-collar or polo neck, tie (purely optional), loafers.