Top 5 Misconceptions Men Have About Using Sex Toys

Top 5 Misconceptions Men Have About Using Sex Toys

Most men pass the idea of using sex toys because either they are embarrassed or they have plenty of misconceptions in mind. Well, as far as embarrassment is concerned, if something is giving you more pleasure and satisfaction, then there is no reason to feel embarrassed about using it.

Next, if you are not introducing sex toys in your relationship, just because you believe in some myths, then you are surely making a big mistake. Here, we have listed the top 5 common misconceptions that men have about sex toys. Go through this list and surely you will give the right type of sex leksaker för honom a try.

Misconceptions men have about sex toys

  1. My partner will like the sex toy more than me: First of all, you need to understand that no machine can replace the need for human touch. Sex toys are an intimate device, but they cannot provide emotional connection which every human desire. So, if you are worried that your partner might simply fall in love with the sex toy and dump you, then don’t worry, she will not. As a matter of fact, by introducing a sex toy in your relationship you are proving that you think about her more. The thing is, 75% of women reach orgasm from clitoris stimulation. A vibrator which can provide better clit stimulation will simply take her to the next level and undoubtedly, she will thank you for it.
  2. If we need a sex toy, then I must be bad in bed: Women enjoy using sex toys just because it provides satisfaction and pleasure. However, this doesn’t mean she is not satisfied with her partner or thinks that her partner isn’t good enough in bed. Besides, to spice up your sex life, you need to introduce new techniques from time to time, and a sex toy can be that new addition you need. Also, there are many sex toys which are specially designed for couples. You can use them to not only enhance pleasure for your partner but also yourself.
  3. Sex toys are addictive: No, they are not. Yes, of course, you will be pleased after using them and think of using them often, but that doesn’t mean you are addicted to them. Nevertheless, if you think that you are using too much of sex toys after a point, try to go back to your old methods for a while, and definitely you will like that change too.
  4. Our sex life is absolutely fine and we don’t need a sex toy: Well, congratulations on having a perfect sex life anyone can ever hope for, but what if we say that it can get better if you use a sex toy? That’s exactly what happens when you introduce a sex toy, your sex life gets better. Besides, if you and your partner will have sex the same way for a very long time after a while things will get boring. So, why not try something new and let the fun continue.
  5. Sex toys are not for respectful people: Sex toys are for anyone and everyone. You, your boss, friends, family members, anyone can use sex toys and it doesn’t make anyone bad. By using a sex toy, you don’t become weird, if anything you just become more playful, and adventurous.

So, hopefully, this list clears many misunderstandings you might have. Now, don’t let these myths haunt you any longer. Visit and buy a fun sex toy today.