A Guide To Learn Everything About Ketamine

A Guide To Learn Everything About Ketamine

Depression is one of the problems faced by people. It impacts more than sixteen million American adults every year. Antidepressants and traditional methods are commonly advised by doctors. If you don’t treat depression, then there are chances that a person can become addicted to alcohol and drugs. He may even commit suicide too.

Anesthetic ketamine is popular treatment option for people who have not got any successful results from traditional depression treatments. Let us find out more about how ketamine can help you treat depression.

About ketamine

What is ketamine is one of the important queries among people suffering from psychological disorders? Ketamine is basically an anesthetic medicine that helps in blocking painful sensations in a person. It was developed in the 1960s when the drug was given to soldiers who were involved in the Vietnam War.

Another use of ketamine is in the form of the sedative agent in animals. Ketamine makes a person feel that they are separate from their bodies. This sort of “out-of-body” sensation makes it a popular party drug.

what is ketamine

How does ketamine help in dealing with depression?

Ketamine has been used as a remarkable therapy for depression. It has been seen that patients who are put on ketamine infused therapy have benefited by its mood enhancement properties. The effects of ketamine were a lot more than conventional antidepressant drugs.

What types of mental disorders can ketamine treat?

Ketamine is approved by the FDA to be used as a form of an anesthetic to perform diagnostic procedures and surgery. It is found to be beneficial in treating several types of mental disorders such as depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, suicidal thoughts, nerve-related pain and other kinds of mood disorders.

What are the sources for getting ketamine?

Ketamine medicines and treatments are only available at a “ketamine clinic”. Due to the popularity and positive impact of ketamine on the body, you can find several ketamine clinics throughout the world.

Ketamine is given experimentally in certain clinical trials too. Mind Peace Clinic is one of the popular ketamine clinics that offer treatment for relieving mental disorders in people.

What is the ideal dose of ketamine advised to people?

Ketamine is given in the form of an “IV” into the vein of a person. It is the quickest way for medicine to get into the brain. A majority of people begin with about 6 doses over one to two weeks.

After completing this routine, then get “booster IVs” in three to five weeks. To get the best results from the treatment, you can continue this treatment for one or more years to see sustained outcomes.

How does it work?

Ketamine works by modifying the manner in which brain cells communicate with each other. It blocks NMDA receptor and opioid receptors that play a significant role in depression, and pain in a person.


Ketamine is a potential drug that has so far successfully treated several severe depression cases.  So, if you are suffering from any of these issues and have not got any effective recovery from them, then consider ketamine treatment.