Note the Dissimilarities Between Dental Filling and Dental Sealant

Note the Dissimilarities Between Dental Filling and Dental Sealant

Dental fillings and dental sealants may sound similar to people who are hearing it for the first time. However, its function and way of treatment differs in both these cases.

Both are used for dental treatment and the similarity ends there. Dental filling and dental sealant benefits and the reasons to get the particular treatment are not the same Thus, before you visit your dentist to get treatment for oral health, it will be helpful to understand more clearly about dental filling and dental sealant.

Dental sealant:

  • Define: In simple terms, the dental procedure is done as a prevention method to protect teeth from decay or damage. It acts as a safe guard element to prevent the wear and tear of enamel of teeth and prevents food particles to enter in the molars or to get lodged in the crevices causing bacterial infection.
  • Process of treatment: A plastic material exactly similar to the colour of tooth is covered over the tooth surface and inserted in its grooves. The material won’t break up easily as it is hardened by using ultraviolet rays.
  • Benefits: There won’t be any problem in chewing, cleaning the teeth and less chances of teeth decay. This kind of prevention method helps safeguarding teeth of kids. Dental sealants prevent the teeth affected by oral acid and avoid formation of plaque. Thus, increases the lifespan of teeth and aids in maintain oral health.

Dental fillings:

  • Define: It is a treatment process to restore the damaged or decayed part of the teeth. Usually fillings are done in the cavities or hole of the decayed after the whole decayed part of tooth is removed.
  • Steps involved in treatment: A composite material like ceramic exactly the colour of teeth is used to fill the gaps in between the teeth and to close cavities. Sometimes metal like silver is used for the filling to remain sturdy. During the filling process an anaesthetic gel is applied and the patient will not feel any pain. The decayed part of the teeth is removed and cleaned before filling the space with the composite material. Then the material is hardened by exposing the part of teeth to ultraviolet rays. The other adjustments like aligning the teeth are done for the person to chew properly and to perfect the shape of teeth.
  • Benefits: There won’t be any problem of unable to chew food, not the need to endure pain or any chances of negative effects on other parts of mouth. You won’t feel any discomfort as the holes are filled preventing any bacterial infection to affect the wellness of teeth.

Both the dental process have their own benefits and are totally different, thus while you have any dental problem best to consult skilled dentist practising in your region. Dental sealant is quite beneficial to safe guard your teeth while dental fillings is good to rectify the damage caused and prevent any further health issues to affect your oral health. To know more about dental sealant and dental fillings open the webpage of Singleton dental online site. Your confusion and doubts will be well cleared before you visit your dentist.