Marijuana Strains That Are Effective Pain Relievers

Marijuana Strains That Are Effective Pain Relievers

In recent years, studies have been performed to explore the medicinal uses of cannabis or marijuana. Researchers have discovered that it’s an effective natural painkiller.

In light of its therapeutic benefits, medical marijuana has been legalized in many American states. If you wish to try it, here are some cannabis strains that are effective for pain relief.


A potent strain, the ACDC can ease even the most severe chronic pain. It has low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is cannabis’s main psychoactive component. It’s also high in cannabidiol (CBD), which has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

The low THC induces a mellow high that lasts for a short time. Meanwhile, the substantial CBD content deals with pain and results in long-lasting relief.

Blue Widow

Blue Widow is a very popular and effective variant that has uplifting and soothing effects. It’s actually a hybrid created by combining the Blueberry and White Widow strains. Its flowers have a powerfully sweet citrus-like aroma.

While pain relief is the most common medical use of Blue Widow, it also has many other therapeutic benefits. It helps with stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression, making it a favorite among medicinal users.


Cannatonic is a popular hybrid strain of Spanish origin. It has a low THC content, which is about 6%, and high CBD, mostly around 17%, making it perfect for pain relief.

Sour Diesel

Also known as Sour D, this is an invigorating and fast-acting cannabis strain. It got its name from its distinct pungent aroma, similar to the smell of diesel.

Sour D delivers dreamy cerebral effects, which, combined with its amazing painkilling benefits, gives it legendary status in the cannabis community. Chronic pain caused by arthritis, for example, has nothing against its strong impact.

Girl Scout Cookies

More commonly called GSC, this is a very popular and potent strain that has a deep, earthy and sweet aroma. It has a relatively high THC content, which makes it effective for chronic pain while inducing an amazing feeling of euphoria and relaxation. Apart from easing massive discomfort, it’s useful in treating nausea and appetite loss.

Purple Space Cookies

A hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Durban Poison, this strain has very dense buds filled with crystal-like elements. It was named as such for its purple flowers and sweet, grape-like smell.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid has many medicinal benefits. Aside from pain relief, it’s great for treating inflammation.

These are just some cannabis strains that are effective in relieving pain. You can find other varieties of medical marijuana in Highland Park, IL, that offer the same amazing benefits.