Know Whether Lockdown Proves Beneficial to Curb Coronavirus Pandemic

Know Whether Lockdown Proves Beneficial to Curb Coronavirus Pandemic

Today, Covid 19 has become a life threating condition for millions of people globally. It is a highly infectious disease that is spreading quickly in many countries. It is jeopardizing the life of countless people and thus World Health Organization has declared the ailment as pandemic.

It is a communicable disease-causing respiratory health issue. The coronavirus initial epicenter was Wuhan, a city in China, and thus commonly known as Wuhan virus. The reasons for the occurrence of pandemic are many, some causes known and some still remain in dark. Unfortunately, the disease is highly contagious as it can affect people through innumerable means.

Here are few ways about coronavirus communicable ways:

  • When a person comes in close contact with the affected person without Safety Masks.
  • Droplets sneezed or coughed from affected people lands on any place or a person.
  • While touching the same place or things, the affected person has touched recently or few days back.

The only solution to curb the spread of the disease was to do complete lockdown of the country. Since the beginning of March 2020 many countries asked their country fellowmen to stay at home to stay safe, thus the whole economic spectrum of the country came to standstill.

Few more reasons to state complete lockdown:

  • The great disadvantage is that the person infected doesn’t know that he is carrying the until few days. This is because the symptoms don’t surface for a week. There are high chances of them spoiling others as well unknowingly.
  • Complete lockdown means maintaining social distancing from everyone. People don’t venture out of home, thus can’t communicate the disease to others.
  • Malls, schools, universities, movie centers, restaurants, clubs, parks and other entertainment places are closed fully for days together. Factories, warehouses, offices, showrooms, shops and public sector establishments fully shut till the pandemic wears off. While closing public places minimize the desire of people to venture out of home.
  • No social gathering, marriage occasions or religious events are taking place, thus all people can stay at home. They don’t invite guests or be an invitee. Often communicable ailments main stream to spread is in the crowd when many people gather together. Thus, lockdown aids in preventing people to cancel any such event where people storm together.

Lockdown is a form of social isolation when people maintain physical distancing from fellow beings. However, people may feel lockdown is affecting their daily life, they realize that it is beneficial as well.

Benefits of lockdown:

  • Total safety means to stay at home and be safe from the coronavirus.
  • You enjoy quality time with your family and communicate with your dear friends through social media and via phone calls.
  • You save environment from pollution.

To stay safe from any communicable d

isease, it is best to wear safety masks. You can easily buy them from ecofriendly accessory stores like You are sure to get good quality masks in a few days of ordering online at a cost-effective price. You need to wear facial masks all the time and remember to stay home to stay safe during lockdown.