Addiction to Adderall – Why It is Harmful?

Addiction to Adderall – Why It is Harmful?

Adderall can be addictive if over used and abused. It is a prescription drug for those who are suffering from attention deficit disorder. Although not every person who uses Adderall will develop an addiction. Not everyone will be dependent on it. However, it should be taken with certain gaps and given certain intervals. People should not take this drug without prescription or a dosage higher than recommended.

Understanding why Adderall can be dangerous

Adderall is not listed as an addiction in the drug rehab directory of the United States. Adderall works by increasing the amount of dopamine and norepinephrine levels in the blood which crosses the central nervous system and both the hemispheres of the brain.

Norepinephrine affects the mechanism of the brain and its response to any type of events. Particularly, the brain cells experience heightened effects and now it pays more attention and it memorizes even the smallest detail with much speed. Also, the brain reacts fast to any external stimuli. Dopamine on the other hand is the human body’s “feel good” factor.

How Adderall works – Understanding the mechanism

This chemical compound increases the rewarding sensation and reduces any sort of brain fatigue. We have naturally occurring dopamine in our body but drugs like Adderall increases it manifold. Any users who are using it keeps using it because of its extraordinary capabilities of memorizing and remembering things.

The brain acts like a machine and some people develop a superiority complex for it and never stops using it. Hence, the person slowly gets addicted and entirely dependent on Adderall. Addicted people often experience tiredness, mental fog, and depression after they stop using it.

Suddenly, the memorising capacity diminishes and most of the people resort back to this drug. In this competitive age, no one wants to remain backward. Everyone wants to rise on the ladder of success.

Therefore, as per the reports Adderall addiction can be deadly than any other type of addiction. This is because it helps the person positively and acts as a catalyst in achieving any type of success. Hence, people are even ready to knowingly risk their lives because of its effect.

Common signs of Adderall addiction

  • In taking larger dose to feel the drug’s effect for a longer period of time
  • Wanting to reduce it but unable to do it
  • Over purchasing the drug despite having the information of its side effects
  • Not able to finish any assignments without the drug
  • Neglecting normal life and balance for Adderall
  • Being awake for a longer period of time
  • No feeling hungry and drastic weight loss

Actually, at first no one intends to get addicted to the drug. At first, people take the drug to excel at work or in studies. Once the results start coming in people fall for it. Few people even fake attention deficit disorder to get the prescription of this drug.

Who abuses Adderall?

Mostly, it is being abused by high school and college students for better grades. These days even professionals are abusing it for higher productivity at work and to remain alert for most of the day. There are few instances even athletes, where writers, researchers are abusing it as well.