A Brief History about Bubbler Pipe That You Need to Know

A Brief History about Bubbler Pipe That You Need to Know

Those who have tried various methods of smoking cannabis products are certainly familiar with bubbler pipe, which is basically a small handheld bong.

Let us try to know about its brief history in this article. You can also find this bubbler in any smoke shop of your area

Brief history

People have been using bong since thousands of years and this word bong has been derived from a Thai word called BAUNG. Bong is generally made from bamboo, and used as smoking device which uses water as filtration method.

Same bong is still used by smokers of today, though there has been little innovation done on this device in its shape and design. We can find the evidence of the application of bong in few other cultures too in addition to Thai.

There is evidence that in the Russia, similar pipe was in use about 2400 years back and also people of China have been using it since 16th century.

Smoking pipes too have very interesting and long history. People have been using pipes like bongs for centuries. Most of the contemporary pipes are imitating the look and function of what our early ancestors used.

Basically, the material used for making pipes of today and pipes of those days are the biggest difference. Instead of preferring bamboo, clay and wood people, nowadays use glass pipes. Few diehard smokers may still use wooden-pipe too.

Now let us talk about bubbler pipes. Again, we cannot exactly trace about its origins but it is assumed that few smokers were perhaps sitting around carrying their water bongs and thought it would be nice if we can find a more portable one.

This idea must have given birth to bubbler which was made at home by tinkering around the bong and created a pocket-sized hybrid, which was easier to carry while travelling.

Certainly, by looking at it, many of his friends also liked the idea and soon it spread among the people and the bubbler became famous.

Eventually, big business as well as artisans and crafters also started making bubblers and selling to people which we can still find today.

Bubbler pipes have become more popular because they can be more portable as compared to a traditional bong. You can easily stick it in the pocket and travel.

Glass made bubblers are more preferred in comparison to bubblers made of wood, metal and any other types of metal. When people perfected the art of glass blowing then the first model of glass bubbler was made.

We can therefore assume that glass bubblers arrived in the market somewhere during mid or late 1900s.

Glass bubblers have become popular with modern smokers because of couple of reasons:

  1. They can stand up well during extreme heat and perform much better than any other types in the longer run. Unless you don’t drop them on ground they can last longer.
  2. Glass pipes can produce cleaner, smoother flavor as compared to any other kinds of pipes. The taste of the herb will not get altered because of glass whereas any wood pipe may add a little woody flavor.