Lighting fixtures that Blends beautifully and aesthetically Enhance the Stairways

Lighting fixtures that Blends beautifully and aesthetically Enhance the Stairways

Stairway lighting is the most ignored when it comes to interior designing even though we use stairways all day every day. Beautifully and strategically placed lighting across the stairways brings an aesthetic appeal to the entire house. It also provides a safety assurance as the chances of fall during night relatively decreases.

Stairway lightings wows everyone especially when lit post sunset. Your house will automatically get shinier and brighter with a beautiful well-lit stair. While it is important to add lighting to the staircase, it is equally important to choose a light that will blend with the rest of the interiors of the house.

The major factors that plays a role in selecting a light is the budget and the style of lighting fixture in the rest of the house. You can find luxurious yet affordable lighting fixtures at Sofary here. They serve to provide high-quality lighting fixtures all around the United States. Their pieces are affordable as they eliminate middle men and connect you directly with the manufacturers.

Popular stairway lighting fixtures

We can easily elaborate staircase lighting by dividing them into 4 general categories of lights:

1. Strip lights:

  • There are 3 ways to place these lights and the most popular being under the stairs.
  • These lights are elegant and enhance the look of the entire house.
  • During festivities, parties, and get-together; you can also place strip lights along the rails or on the wall to enhance the enthusiasm and the mood.
  • One should not install strip lights when the stairs are closely built to one another.
  • You must ensure that your lightings give a soft-glow to the staircase instead of going on the extreme end of the brightness.

2. Wall lights:

  • If stairway lighting was ignored the whole time you were renovating your house due to budgetary restrictions, wall light is perfect for the rescue.
  • Easy in installation, easy on pocket and easy in styling are some words that describe these lighting fixtures perfectly.
  • You can choose from a variety of flexible options like LED, scones, or hanging lamps.
  • The walls along the stairways are mostly empty apart from some random family photographs, so wall lights can beautifully fill in the space.
  • Add in small lights if you are only planning subtle changes and to give just enough illumination to the stairs.

3. Pendant lights:

  • These light fixtures add royal and luxurious touch to your stairways.
  • Use these if you have spiral staircase and you can be a little flexible with the budget.
  • Use casual metallic chandeliers in various geometric or spiral designs for a more modern look.
  • A traditional crystal chandelier will make your interiors more glamorous.

4. LED lights:

  • These lights adorn glass railings really well.
  • Match your interiors with the colour of the LED embedded in the railing and convert your stairways into a modern art piece.

Lastly, you can use soft recessed lights that can provide a warm glow to the stairways all through the night.

Include stairway lighting in your interior designing budget and prevent yourself from tripping over during a midnight kitchen call. Make stairways beautiful and warm with these lightings and get praises from everyone who visits your home.