CBD Oil Can Also Be Used For Pets and Dogs?

CBD Oil Can Also Be Used For Pets and Dogs?

Nowadays people are using CBD for their pets as well. People think that when CBD can provide benefits to humans, then why not for our pet dogs and cats. Like we humans, cats and dogs too have endocannabinoid system and CBD reacts with their system in similar way as we humans.

However, CBD companies in the UK cannot sell any products of CBD, especially meant for pets. However, one can offer the same CBD which is used for humans to their pets. Usually, CBD oils do not need any prescription and hence it can always be added to food offered to pets.

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However, before offering CBD to your pet, you need to consult with your vets, who will actually recommend what dosage should be given to your pets. Even for your pets too, you must prefer CBD which is totally THC free, as THC can also produce harmful effects in your pets. Particularly, all pets are very sensitive to THC.

You can also find plenty of information about use of CBD particularly for pet’s treatment in the web. But it is important that you may read the information provided in the internet only for your academic interest. While giving CBD to your pets, you must always take advice from pets.

Tips for purchasing CBD Oil for your pets

  1. Prefer not to buy CBD Oil for your pets from Amazon. Most of the products sold by Amazon, E-bay and few other well-known online marketing sites can be not genuine too. Also, you will never know what their real ingredients are.
  2. Especially for dogs, never buy MCT Oils. In case anyone suggests you to offer your dog any MCT based oil, and then refuse to buy it. MCT can always build up certain harmful fatty deposits within the liver of your pet dog, which can be very harmful for them.
  3. Prefer to give always lower dose to your pets. Often you may be desperately searching for  CBD oil which is not available with your vet, then it will be best to offer CBD to your pet like any human and start with very little dose and then slowly raise it like you do for humans.
  4. For dog or cat, start with 250mg and slowly move up to 500mg oil. If your dog size is very large then you can offer your large dog, CBD oil up to 1000 mgs, which will be appropriate for them.
  5. Your retailer will not offer you any advice related to dosing and hence you must do your own research and speak to vet and ensure that dose is never too high.
  6. The easiest way you can offer CBD oil to your pets is by putting the oil in bowl or few drops directly on their tongue maximum up to 2 times a day.