All You Need to Know about Goat Milk Infant Formula

All You Need to Know about Goat Milk Infant Formula

It is a known fact that for newborn baby breast milk is the best choice. For older babies, other kinds of milk like infant milk formula based on cow’s milk, goat’s milk, almond and soya is a better option. Today, you will find goat milk-based infant formula products displayed in many leading pharmaceutical shops. This kind of animal milk is known to be good for bay health and growth.

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About goat milk infant formula

  • Goat milk is for the baby who is allergic to cow’s milk.
  • It isn’t a normal composed infant milk formula like cow’s milk. It is mainly given for babies troubled with stomach ache, bloating, reflux and unable to digest cow’s milk infant formula.
  • Some expert dieticians and paediatricians considered it to be the best alternative to mother’s milk. Thus, can be given even to newborn babies.

Many baby milk formula ingredients are balanced to make it exactly like breast milk moreover that makes them quite good for baby’s growth and health. Some infant milk formula is more nutritious and beneficial for babies, and hence they are recommended by medical advisors. Infant milk formula based on goat’s milk is one among them that is slowly replacing cow milk-based infant formula.

Here are the reasons goat’s milk-based formula is gaining popularity-

  • The curd quality is one of the major differences between goat and cow milk formulas. Goat milk produces small soft curds that are easier to digest for babies compare to cow’s milk.
  • It is good for babies from six months as they contain a large proportion of protein that is good for their growth. A newborn baby’s kidney isn’t adequate to handle larger proportion of protein, thus consult your doctor before giving them.
  • Carbohydrate is needed for smooth digestion. In cow milk formula usually, manufacturers use corn or brown rice syrup to improve the proportions of carbohydrates in the composition. Goat milk has natural carbohydrate in the form of lactose that helps to sweeten the milk similar to breast milk, thus healthier for baby.
  • Baby gets more iron than cow’s milk. It helps to maintain the haemoglobin level of the baby. It helps in digestion as well. The baby won’t feel anaemic hence good for the baby’s growth.
  • The pH level of goat milk is similar to breast milk. It is alkaline in nature thus better for evading gastrointestinal health disorders in infants.
  • The anti-inflammatory qualities of goat milk to nurture good bacteria in the gut, thus helps in the digestion of food.
  • The short-chain fatty acids present in goat milk are easier to digest compared to long-chain fatty acids of cow milk.


Before you plan to switch over to goat milk-based infant formula, it is best to consult your baby’s paediatrician.